Souria is a French illustrator with a big heart for Formula 1, sports and comics. She has been mixing these two passions for 3 years now through colorful illustrations and portraits  - with particular attention paid to the representation of the emotions and achievements of athletes/personalities.
She’s a self taught illustrator who’s been drawing since she was 7 years old. As a Formula 1 fan since her childhood, she was fascinated by F1 drivers’ mind power and spirit, which she portraits in various works.
Her art style combines her love for comic books illustrations and renaissance painting emotions. Souria learned to draw traditionally with simple pen and paper, so her art process often includes sketching on paper and coloring digitally on her iPad. Most of her artworks are drawn or finalized digitally on her iPad, she appreciates the infinite possibilities digital art can offer.
She currently works in Formula 1 and Football as an illustrator for various clients within the industry (McLaren, Red Bull Racing, Mercedes AMG F1...) - and has grown a community around her art and F1.

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